MASSO – The PC-less controller
Powerful. Stable. Guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large OEM or a DIY enthusiast,
MASSO means an end to all of the headaches you get with PC-based controllers.


MASSO CNC controllers don’t use a PC—at all.
We provide a fully integrated solution for CNC control—motion card, software, and GUI—all in a single, self-contained platform. MASSO means an end to all of the headaches you get with PC-based controllers.
You don’t have to worry about your PC issues interrupting a machining process. You don’t have to think about software compatibility problems or the hassle of updating drivers.
And there are no hard drives or file corruption to concern yourself with—just a lightning fast ARM CPU in a passively cooled system. And for that same reason, power interruptions won’t hurt a MASSO. With the MASSO’s job-resume functionality, they’ll hardly even slow you down.
In short, MASSO is the most stable, reliable, and easy-to-use CNC controller money can buy. And our service matches the quality of our controllers: We offer personalized support and free software updates for life.

Software engineered for stability and performance.

Hardware built for precision and durability.

Software Features

  • Versatile software that can control everything from mills and lathes to routers and plasma machines. With the MASSO, there are no limits to what you can create!
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive GUI that works with a touchscreen.
  • Tool path display for easier job positioning and visualization.
  • Tool table can store up to 32 tools’ data to make changing tools and organizing your work easy and convenient.
  • Automatic tool length calibration lets you change tools manually using tool setter input.
  • G-code files as large as 4GB. Big job? No problem. The MASSO can run for days.
  • MASSO’s conversational wizards write G-code for you, eliminating the need for CAD/CAM software and time-consuming programming on smaller jobs.
  • Job resume and automatic line remember options help you get back to work quickly after a power failure.

Hardware Features

  • Works without a PC, eliminating compatibility and driver update issues, runtime lag, and other hassles that PCs bring.
  • 32 inputs, 16 outputs and 6 relay outputs. Integrate tool changers or create custom button and sensor inputs.
  • Up to 5 axis control with the ability to slave one axis to another.
  • Smooth motion pulse generation with very low jitter profile for accuracy and precision.
  • Step & Direction signals for stepper or servo drives.
  • Automatic Tool Changer control without PLC. All of the control, none of the complex wiring and programming.
  • Direct spindle control with 0-10v & PWM modes let you manage spindle rpms and direction on VFDs.
  • Up to 16 G-code controlled outputs to let you control loaders, feeders, and valves.
  • Threading using incremental encoder input (great for multipass threading).
  • MPG handwheel dial support for precise and easy touch-off (all axes).


3000+ machinists across 60 countries are using MASSO CNC Controller

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