MASSO’s mission is to create the highest quality, most reliable CNC controllers on the market, serving everyone from OEMs and large industrial manufacturers to DIY enthusiasts.
We pioneered the “PC-less CNC controller” because we saw a need for a stable, fully-integrated controller—one powerful enough to meet the needs of OEMs and industrial users, but without all the headaches caused by PC-based systems.


At MASSO, our leadership team is made up of passionate makers and innovators. This shows up in everything we do, and is the reason we’re constantly striving to improve our products and services.
We believe that our commitment to quality—both in terms of product as well as customer care—is what has driven MASSO’s exponential growth.
In just four years, MASSO has expanded from its roots as a homegrown Australian startup to an international presence in the world of CNC manufacturing—with distributors on four continents and customers in over 60 countries across North America, the EU, and the APAC region.
Our company was recognized early on as one of the most innovative and fastest-growing startups in Australia, winning the Lenovo Choice Award at the University of Sydney’s Incubate program in 2017. And since then, MASSO has continued to attract attention and accolades: We’ve been featured by major media outlets like the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as well as business publications like SmartCompany.


MASSO isn’t just gaining market share and getting good press—we’re also continuing to innovate and to expand our offerings. We’re now on the second generation of our flagship CNC controllers, and are looking to release as many as five new products in the near future.
Our community of MASSO users is growing as well. Last year, we opened an online forum for makers who work with MASSO to share their ideas and talk shop—and we’re thrilled to say that our forums now have hundreds of regular users (and hundreds of thousands of page views).
In the years to come, we plan to continue innovating and expanding.
But no matter how big we get, MASSO will always be a company of makers and for makers, driven to help people create by offering the most dependable CNC controllers around.