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Changing Passwords

The default user password is “HTG” but if an Admin or User wants to change its password than user can change both  F1 – Setup Screen &  F3 – Jog/Rapid Screen  by following the below given procedure to change password:
If you have already entered the password press CTRL+L to lock controller again.

Step 1:

  • Fill default Password “HTG” (In Capital Letters) in “Password” field and don’t press Enter Key
  • Press Tab to select “Change Password” and press Space for selecting “Check Box”
  • Move your cursor back to “Password” field by using Shift + Tab keys and press Enter


 Step 2:

  • Enter New Password that you want to set in “New Password” field.
  • Re-Enter or Confirm same password in “Confirm Password” field.


Step 3:

  • New message will shown after you entering both password.
  • Please check is it matched or not.
  • If Password Matched, press Tab to select “OK” Button and press Enter to finalize and save password.


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