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Lathe Tool Calibration Steps

Step 1:

Open the MDI window using CTRL+M and load the tool you would like to calibrate, in this example we will be calibrating Tool No.1


Step 2:

Machine a small test piece or use an existing piece

Step 3:

Go to “F3-JOG” screen and touch the front face of the test piece

Step 4:

Go to “F4-Tools” screen and select the tool number you want to calibrate

Step 5:

Give a name to the tool for your reference and move cursor to “Zero” button using the Tab key and press Enter

Step 6:

Now go to “F3-JOG” screen and touch the tool to the side of the test piece

Step 7:

Measure the diameter of the test piece and note the value

Step 8:

Go back to “F4-Tools” screen and enter the measured diameter value in “Test Piece (Dia)” box and click “Touch”

Step 9:

Next select if the tool is on the front side or the back side and make sure that the “Z Wear” and “X Wear” values are 0.00

Step 10:

Move cursor to “Save” button and press Enter to save and complete tool calibration


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