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Mill Tool Calibration Steps


Step 1:

Place the tool setter at a predefined position on the machine.


Step 2:

On MASSO go to F3-JOG screen, next move the tool in position on top of the tool setter and touch the tool till the tool setter shows exactly 0.00
IMPORTANT: Once in position DO NOT MOVE the tool before completing the next step.


Step 3:

On MASSO go to the F4-Tools screen and select the tool number you would like to assign this tool. Now press the enter key to open the Edit Tool window.


Step 4:

In the Edit Tool window give a tool name as per your requirement. Next move the cursor to the Zero button using the TAB key on the keyboard and press enter to automatically calibrate the tool, MASSO will calculate the tool height and automatically fill the Z Offset value. Now the tool diameter can be entered if required and press Save button to save and complete the calibration process.


Step 5:

Once the tool has been calibrated, please go to F3-JOG screen and move tool away from the tool setter.


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