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Save & Load Settings

To make it easy for setting up machines in production, all machine calibration and setup settings can be saved to file on the USB pen drive. These settings can then be loaded to other MASSO controllers to quickly and easily finish the machine setup process.

Going to the Save & Load Settings

Please follow the instructions as per the below image


Saving settings to file

Use the Tab key to move to the Save to file button and press enter to save all the settings to MASSO_Settings.htg file on the USB pen drive


Loading settings from file

Press enter on the Load from file button and MASSO will load the settings from the MASSO_Settings.htg file on the USB pen drive


Error messages

If the file is not found on the USB pen drive then the bellow error message will be displayed

Please restart MASSO after loading settings from USB pen drive so that the settings can take effect.

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