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Keyboard and Key Shortcuts

NOTE: Most of the functions can now be accessed easily with mouse but will still require some keyboard shortcuts as below:

Operation Key Combination Valid in Screen
Lock System CTRL + L All Screens
Home Machine CTRL + ALT + Home key F2 & F3
Cycle Start CTRL + S F2
Cycle Stop Escape F2
Restart Program CTRL + R F2
Jump to G-Code line CTRL + J F2
X – Rapid SHIFT+ Left or Right arrow key F3
Y – Rapid SHIFT + Up or Down arrow key F3
Z – Rapid SHIFT + “U” or “D” keys F3
X – Jog Left or Right arrow key F3
Y – Jog Up or Down arrow key F3
Z – Jog “U” or “D” keys F3
Jog Resolution Page Up or Page Down key F3
Feed Override select “F11” F2 & F3
Spindle Override select “F12” F2
Override Increase “+” F2 & F3
Override Decrease “-” F2 & F3
Optional Stop On/Off CTRL + O All Screens
Open MDI Window CTRL + M F2
Create New Gcode File CTRL + N F2
Set X-Axis to zero CTRL + X F3
Set Y-Axis to zero CTRL + Y F3
Set Z-Axis to zero CTRL + Z F3
Set all X, Y & Z Axis to zero CTRL + ALT + 0 F3


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