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Setting time

NOTE: If the MASSO controller is connected to a PC via WiFi and using the MASSO Link software on the PC then the time is automatically synced with the PC time. You can find more information about MASSO WiFi connectivity and MASSO Link software HERE


Follow the below given steps for changing or setting system current time:

Step 1:

  • Press F2 to goto the “F2 – Program” screen
  • Next press CTRL + M to open the MDI Command Window

Step 2:

  • Enter MDI Command for setting Time that you want to set your system and press Enter key.
  • Enter Time in format Time:HH:MM E.g. Time:12:40
  • Some examples to set system time:
    • To set time to 10:30 AM, type Time:10:30 and press the Enter key
    • To set time to 6:45 PM, type Time:18:45 and press the Enter key
    • To set time to 6:05 AM, type Time:06:05 and press the Enter key
  • Note: The time must be entered in 24 hour and Time:HH:MM format and no spaces between characters.

Step 3:

  • Check your updated system Time

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