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Linear Tool Changer

Step 1:

  • Please go to “F1-Setup” screen and go to the “Tool Changer”
  • Open “Tool Changer” list and select “Linear Tool Changer” as shown below


Step 2:

Enter the values into the setup window as per your machine setup and click Save.



Step 3:

Wire the sensor inputs and assign to MASSO as below:

  1. Tool Changer – Input 1 for Spindle draw bar Status (Low for clamped and High for un-clamped)
  2. Tool Changer – Input 2 for Dust Hood UP OK signal
  3. Tool Changer – Input 3 for Dust Hood DOWN OK signal
  4. Tool Changer – Input 4 for Tools Holder UP OK signal
  5. Tool Changer – Input 5 for Tools Holder DOWN OK signal


Step 4:

Wire the control outputs and assign to MASSO as below:

  1. Chuck Clamp M10/M11 for spindle draw bar clamp and un-clamp (Low to clamp and High to un-clamp)
  2. Tool Changer – Output 1 to move Dust Hood UP
  3. Tool Changer – Output 2 to move Hood DOWN
  4. Tool Changer – Output 3 to move Tools Holder UP
  5. Tool Changer – Output 4 to move Tools Holder DOWN



Step 5:

IMPORTANT: Make sure to assign each tool into a tool slot else on a tool change command if the tool is not set in a slot you will get a tool error alarm



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