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Manual Tool Change

Step 1:

  • Please go to “F1-Setup” screen and go to the “Tool Changer”.
  • Press enter to open “Tool Changer” list and make sure the “Manual Tool Change” is selected from the list.
  • Now press enter to open “Tool change position” window and follow step 2 (below)

Step 2:

The following values can be entered and axis enabled if you would like to do a tool change at a set position. This option is helpful if your machine bed is very large and you want your spindle moved to a certain location, for example on the front of the machine every time a tool change is required.
In the below example the Z axis will first move up to 0.00 location and then move to X 10 and Y 10 location for a tool change. Upon tool change the spindle will move back to the same machining position.

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