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Backlash Compensation


When to use backlash compensation

Axis backlash should first be adjust mechanically as its best to first find the source of backlash and if needed replacing parts. As with any mechanical system there will always be some minor backlash and only very small backlash should be managed by MASSO’s backlash compensation feature.


Step 1:

Before starting to calibrate backlash compensation please make sure backlash compensation value is set to 0.00


Step 2:

Move axis to 10mm position by giving an MDI command “G0 X10”



Step 3:

Now install a dial gauge on the negative movement side of the axis and set it to zero


Step 4:

Move axis to 20mm position by giving an MDI command “G0 X20”



Step 5:

Move axis back to 10mm position by giving an MDI command “G0 X10”



Step 6:

If the dial gauge shows exactly zero then you can leave the backlash value to 0.00 in MASSO’s axis settings. If the dial gauge shows some other value then this is your axis backlash value and enter this value to MASSO’s axis setting and press escape to save settings and complete the backlash compensation process for the current axis.

NOTE: Please perform the above steps for all axis with backlash.

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