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Homing / Home Inputs

Homing Sensor wiring:


Please wire the homing sensors/switches as shown below:

Wiring example using switches with 24V power

Wiring example using a 24V Inductive Proximity Sensor


Wiring example using homing sensor with hard limit detection switch on the other side of the axis


INFORMATION: All inputs can be easily inverted by selecting the input in the INPUTS list and pressing the space-bar key on the keyboard to invert the input signal



Step 1:

Mount homing sensors/switches on all axis of your machine as shown in below image. Its preferred the sensors/switches are mounted on the 0.00 location of the axis but can be mounted at any location.  

Step 2:

After wiring the sensor/switches the system must be configured for proper operation as described below:

  • Goto the “F1-Setup” screen and move to the inputs list using the TAB key
  • From the list select any free inputs from Input 1 to Input 32 and assign them as X, Y and Z home sensors
  • You can also see the status of the sensors change from L to H when a signal is received on that input from homing sensor/switch

NOTE: The homing inputs must show L signal when the sensor/switch is not engaged or the homing will fail

Step 3:

Setting up the homing sequence:

  • Open the Homing window under Function Settings list
  • Now in the homing sequence tick the appropriate boxes for the axis as you would like to home.
  • In the below example we set the homing sequence for a milling machine / router. As you would first need to move the tool away from the job by moving the Z axis up, set Seq 1 by only selecting Z axis, this way MASSO only homes Z axis first.
  • Next in Seq 2 select X and Y axis as now we can start homing the X and Y axis together.

Step 4:

If any of the axis starts moving away from the homing sensor/switch then press ESCAPE stop homing and invert the direction as below

Step 5:

As the homing sensors/switches can be mounted on either side of the axis, the position of the homing sensor/switch needs to be entered. If the sensor/switch is mounted on the 0.00 location as per the above axample then enter Home Position as 0.00. If the sensor/switch is mounted on the other side, for example the axis travel is 400mm and the sensor/switch is mounted at 400mm location then set Home Position as 400.00

Step 6:

Homing is very important for the MASSO to know the position of the axis and its recommended that Request Home on startup and Request Home after E-Stop press are ticked

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