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List of Configurable Inputs


INFORMATION: All inputs can be easily inverted by selecting the input in the INPUTS list and pressing the space-bar key on the keyboard to invert the input signal



List of Configurable Inputs
X, Y, Z, A, B – Home Sensor Input
Door Sensor Input
Probe Input Signal
Home Button Input
Cycle Start Button Input
Cycle Stop Button Input
Chuck Clamp/Unclamp Input
Coolant Mist On Input
Coolant Flood On Input
Coolant Mist & Flood Off Input
Plasma – Torch Touch Signal Input
Plasma – Plasma Arc OK Signal
Plasma – Torch Breakaway Signal
Plasma – THC Inputs
Jog/Rapid X+ & X- Inputs – Not released
Jog/Rapid Y+ & Y- Inputs – Not released
Jog/Rapid Z+ & Z- Inputs – Not released
Jog/Rapid Mode Input – Not released
Autoload G-Code (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Inputs
Tool Changer – Inputs
X, Y, Z, A, B Motor Alarm Input
Lubricant Alarm Input
Axis Motor Drive Alarm Input
Spindle Drive Alarm Input
Tool Setter Input
Air Pressure Low Alarm Input
Spindle Coolant Flow Alarm Input


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