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Installing or Replacing Backup Battery

IMPORTANT: Backup battery (model CR2032) is required for the controller to function properly and MUST be installed in the unit before use.
If the controller battery is not installed or battery fails and needs to be reinstalled then the below message will be displayed when the controller is powered up. After installing a new battery, power on the unit and you will still see the same error message, next power off the controller and power back on after 5-10 seconds and the message will be automatically removed once the battery is detected by the controller.


Step 1: Locate the empty battery holder next to the “BATTERY CR2032” label


Step 2: Insert the battery on an angle, under the metal part as shown below


Step 3: Push downwards on the other side of the battery until it clicks into position

Step 3: Battery is installed and the controller is ready to be used


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