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Supported G & M-Codes

1. Supported G-Codes:

Description Lathe Mill Plasma
Rapid move G00 G00 G00
Linear interpolation G01 G01 G01
Circular interpolation (Clockwise) G02 G02 G02
Circular interpolation (Counter Clockwise) G03 G03 G03
Dwell (P value in milliseconds) G04 G04 G04
Setting work offset values G10 G10 G10
XY Plane Selection G17 G17
ZX Plane Selection G18 G18 G18
YZ Plane Selection G19 G19
Set machine units to Inches G20 G20 G20
Set machine units to Millimetres G21 G21 G21
Return to origin G28 G28 G28
Threading cycle G32  —
Straight probe cycle G38.2 G38.2 G38.2
Move in absolute machine coordinates G53 G53 G53
Use work offsets G54 to G59  G54 to G59 G54 to G59
High Speed Peck Drilling G73 G73
Cancel Modal Motion G80 G80  —
Drilling Cycle G81 G81  —
Drilling Canned Cycle with Dwell G82 G82  —
Peck Drilling for Deeper Holes G83 G83  —
Set distance mode to absolute G90 G90 G90
Set distance mode to incremental G91 G91 G91
Temporary Work Offset G92 G92 G92
Inverse Time Mode G93 G93 G93
Units Per Minute Mode G94 G94 G94
Turn on Constant Surface Speed (CSS) G96
Turn off Constant Surface Speed (CSS) G97  —
Canned Cycle – Retract back to the initial Z G98 G98
Canned Cycle – Retract back to R Plane G99 G99  —

 2. Supported M-Codes:

Description Lathe Mill Plasma
Program stop M00 M00 M00
Optional program stop M01 M01 M01
Program end M02 M02 M02
Spindle ON (clockwise) M03 M03
Spindle ON (counter clockwise) M04 M04
Spindle OFF M05 M05
Torch ON M03
Torch OFF M05
Tool Change M06 M06
Mist Coolant ON M07 M07 M07
Flood Coolant ON M08 M08 M08
Coolant OFF M09 M09 M09
Chuck or rotary table clamp ON M10 M10
Chuck or rotary table clamp OFF M11 M11
End the program and rewind M30 M30 M30
 Sub-Program Call (P, L) M98 M98 M98
 End Sub-Program or Return M99  M99  M99
Turn on digital output synchronized with motion M62 P M62 P M62 P
Turn off digital output synchronized with motion M63 P M63 P M63 P
Turn THC function OFF M666
Turn THC function ON, with F for feedrate of Z axis in THC mode only  — M667 F



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