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M98 & M99 – Sub Program Call

MASSO supports Sub-Program Call using M98 & M99 codes. With this MASSO users can now call subprograms with upto 5 levels of nesting, with this feature sub programs can be called from the main program without the need to rewrite the same program again and again.
When a sub program is called, MASSO looks for a separate nc file and runs that as a sub-program. Having a separate file approach means that programs that have common features can now be used used with other programs.

M98 Sub-Program Call

  • Use the M98 command with P and L value
  • Example: M98 P10 L5
  • In the above example MASSO will look for a file on the USB flash drive and run the program 5 times as defines by the L value
  • If the file is not found an error message on the screen is displayed and program goes into feedhold. When a program is loaded from F6 screen, MASSO checks that all sub-program files are on the USB and if a file is missing an error is shown to the user


M99 End Sub-Program or Return

  • Use the M99 command to End Sub-Program or Return
  • Example: M99


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