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Automatic Tool Zero

From v3.21 MASSO supports automatic tool zero option. This feature is specially very useful on machines which dont have the option for precise tool holders, after the initial setup the user just has to load a tool into the spindle and MASSO will move the tool to the predefined tool setter location, zero the tool automatically before going back to the machining position.


Step 1:

Wiring your tool setter input to MASSO

Step 2:

Setup the MASSO input to take tool setter signal and make sure to invert the input signal as required by pressing the space key.

NOTE: please make sure that the status of the tool setter input shows L when the tool is not touching tool setter and only shows H when the tool touches the tool setter.


Step 3:

Measure the location of the tool setter from the centre of the tool setter to the X and Y home positions. An easy way of doing this is to jog the tool to the centre of the tool setter after homing the machine and noting down the X and Y values of the machine coordinates.



Step 4:

Next measure a safe distance of the Z axis from the top 0.00 (home) position to the estimated length of the longest tool. This value is used to fist do a rapid movement towards the tool setter to save time and then use the user specified feedrate to touch the tool setter. 

Step 5:

Enter the above measured values into the Auto Tool Zero window, enable auto tool zero and X/Y position enable as required. Please also assign the tool zero feedrate.

WARNING: Tool zero feedrate and Z safe values must be carefully calculated as these values might result in tool crashing into the tool setter or the machine.



Step 6: Using the tool for machining

  1. Once the tool height has been calibrated by the Auto Tool Zero logic either after homing the machine or changing the tool, move the axis to the desired location using JOG.
  2. For example you would like to set the machine table as your Z 0.00,
  3. Move the Z axis down and by using a piece of paper between the tool tip and the machine, slowly jog the Z axis down until the piece of paper is locked.
  4. At this stage (DO NOT MOVE THE Z AXIS) goto F4 screen and double click G54 in the work offsets list.
  5. In the small window with the G54 data, click the autoload button next to the Z axis and the machine position will load the Z value.
  6. Click save.
  7. Now as G54 is the default work offset that gets loaded on power up, the top of the machine bed will always be Z0.00
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