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Touch Plate

Using touch plate and G38.2 for part zero:

With MASSO you can easily and quickly zero your part using the following example as a starting point:

Step 1:

Wiring your probe input to MASSO

Step 2:

Setup the MASSO input to take probe signal and make sure to invert the input signal by pressing the space key while the input being selected. Inverting the input signal might or might not be required depending on your wiring setup, basically when the touch plate is not touching the tool then the signal should show L.

NOTE: please make sure that the status of the probe input shows L when the tool is not touching touch plate and only shoes H when the tool touches the touch plate.


Step 3:

Measure the touch plate, in this example its 20mm

Step 4:

Using the Jog/Rap commands in F3 screen position the tool on top of the touch plate and issue the following Gcode command through MDI or run as a Gcode file which will move the tool downwards towards and touch the touch plate and stop

  • G38.2 Z-20 F200
  • G92 Z20
  • G0 Z50
  • M30

Step 5:

The tool will move down towards the touch plate at a feedrate of 200mm/min

Step 6:

Once the system stops after touching the touch piece, it will rapidly move up 30mm from the touch piece

Step 7:

Now the top of the work piece has been set to zero, please remove the touch plate and giving a “Z0” command will move the Z axis towards the work piece and will stop and touch the tool on top of the work piece 

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