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Touch Screen Interface

  • As per special user requests to add touch screen support with MASSO, from software version 3.35 MASSO will support Touch Screen Interface USB.
  • NOTE: Not all touch screens are supported, screens with USB HID interface are supported so please see the list of supported screens below.
  • Being a special request feature, the standard version of the MASSO software will only allow 10 screen tap’s so that you can evaluate the features and check your screen support with MASSO. A full version will be available for purchase.
  • Please use our forum topic for touch screen support:
  • For purchasing a touchscreen software update please CLICK HERE


List of touch screens tested with MASSO:

The below is the list of touch screens that have been confirmed by MASSO users, if you have a screen that does not work with MASSO then please contact us on so that we can see how the screen protocol can be used with MASSO. If you have a screen that works and is not in the below list then please let us know so that we can add it to the below list:

  • Eyoyo 15″ LCD Touch Screen Monitor, Touch Type: Four-wire resistive touch
  • Cocar monitor 15″ 150S
  • iChawk screen, Model: K120TC-DUV2
  • Beetronics 15TS5 Monitor


Screens reported by users not to be working:

  • Elo TouchSystems, Model: ET1739L-8CWA-3-NPB-G
  • ELO, Model: ET1537L-7CWA-1-G
  • ASUS, Model: VT168N
  • Kodak KD15V700 15″
  • DELL E157FPTe
  • Medion MD20165
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