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Emergency Stop (E-Stop)

To use this feature Press the red E-Stop button or any other E-Stop switches installed on the machine to stop  operations regardless of the condition of the control and the machine.

Pressing the E-Stop Button will result in the following:

  • E-Stop Button will start blink on screen alerting that E-Stop is activated
  • The machine tower light and controller “Error” LED light on the front panel will start blinking indicating that the control has gone into lock state
  • All axis motors are disabled immediately
  • Spindle is put in brake position through VFD

Note : If E-Stop button is pressed while a part program is running, program execution will halt and the machine can only be used after a fulling homing cycle.

Emergency Stop Reset:

Before resetting the emergency stop state, first locate and eliminate the cause of the emergency stop

  • If the E-Stop button is locked in the pressed position, it must be released before the emergency stop state can be reset
  • Next the user can use the Rapid/Jog features to move the machine axis
  • Once its safe to home the machine, press CTRL + ATL + HOME to home the machine

Note: The machine can only be used after a complete homing cycle.

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