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Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity with MASSO Link software

NOTE: WiFi supported from MASSO software version 3.34 and file transfer via WiFi is supported from MASSO software version 3.36


WiFi support forum:

With the windows based MASSO Link software you can easily view real-time status of your MASSO controller remotely, transfer gcode files to MASSO from your PC, get tool data from MASSO’s memory and generate tools list document to be used with CAM software.


Step 1 – Getting the WiFi module:

Installing the WiFi module to MASSO: The WiFi modules is required to be plugged in to MASSO’s WiFi connector before being able to use the WiFi functionality. The module can be purchased on our online store:


Step 2 – Installing the WiFi module:
  • Switch off the MASSO and remove the main label cover and slide out the label panel towards the left side.
  • WARNING: Please make sure to install the WiFi module in the correct direction as shown in the below photo.
  • After installing the WiFi module the label panel can be installed back and MASSO powered up.


Step 3 – Connecting MASSO to your WiFi network:
  • After installing MASSO software v3.34 or above, MASSO status bar on the right side will display a Wi-Fi button and clicking the button will display the below WiFi Settings window.
  • This window can be used to enter your WiFi network details, further you can also assign a static IP to the system. Please note that after entering the static IP information, click the connect button and you might have to power cycle MASSO for the IP address to be assigned to the WiFi module.


ESP8266 Software versions:
  • As the ESP8266 chips can have different software versions installed on them by the manufacturer, the ESP’s software version is displayed in the WiFi Settings window as shown in the above image marked in red colour.
  • The below list will have the versions of the ESP software that have been tested with MASSO, if you have a different version that is causing issues, please use this support forum:
    1. Version 8 2015 14:45:58)
    2. Version  1 2016 20:04:45)


Step 4 – Running the “MASSO Link” software on your PC:


Step 5 – Transferring gcode files to MASSO:

  • Once connected, gcode files with .txt, .nc, .cnc, .tap, .eia extensions can be dragged and dropped on to the MASSO Link software window.
  • Please note that a USB pen drive needs to be connected to MASSO to store these files.
  • A folder name can be give and all the files sent from MASSO Link will be saved on MASSO in this folder name, else keeping this blank will save the files on the root folder of the pen drive.
  • Click Send File to send the file to MASSO.


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