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Logging MASSO debug info

MASSO Link software can be used to log debug data from MASSO for troubleshooting. Please enable the logging feature as shown in the below image.

  1. Once the logging has been enabled a file named “MASSO Log.txt” will be created in the same folder running MASSO Link software.
  2. All debug information will be sent via WiFi from MASSO and will be saved to this log file.
  3. Once you have logged the information and are ready to email us the log file, please first close the MASSO Link software and then email the “MASSO Log.txt” file.
  4. USB related information that can be logged:
    1. Touch screen information – For collecting the information regrading your touch screen drivers, please first power up the MASSO and make sure MASSO Link is connected to MASSO, next plug in the USB connector from the touch screen to collect the information.
    2. USB keyboard
    3. Mouse
    4. Flash drive



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