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MASSO Software Update – v2.03

Release date: 5th February 2016

Whats New:

  • Bigger and better job visualization.
  • After powering down, the system now remembers the last location of the axis without homing the machine.
  • In case of power lost while machine was in motion, the system automatically alerts to home the machine on the next power up.
  • System now remembers the last tool number even after power cycle.
  • In case of power lost during G-Code running, the system shows the last line number the code was running at so that it can be resumed from that line.
  • Rapids through keyboard are more responsive and multiple axis can be moved together.
  • Feed and spindle speed override can be done using F11 key to select feed override and F12 key to select spindle speed override and then using the + and – keys on the keyboard.
  • Added Job run time display on the main screen.
  • Added option to jump to G-Code line using CTRL+J key in “F2 – Prog” Screen.
  • Added option to set homing sensor pull off distance in “F1 – Help” Screen.
  • Added option to set axis position after homing in“F1 – Help” Screen.
  • Added support for M2 & M30 G-Codes.



  • Faster G-Code file loading.
  • In case of manual tool change the system now displays a message to load the tool and waits for the user to pres Enter key.
  • Manual Rapids and Jogging is automatically limited to machine bed size so that the machine doesn’t accidentally hit limits.
  • Better error checking in G-Code files.
  • Added option to automatically load current machine coordinates to work offset window in F4 screen by pressing x, y or z keys on the keyboard.
  • Added option to skip file preview generation by pressing ESCAPE key.
  • Added option in F1 – Help Screen to set machine bed size in negative, using the minimum and maximum travel boxes.
  • Print Screen only takes 5 seconds compared to 70 seconds in older versions.



  • Flashing homing box getting stuck and not updating.
  • System hangs if Caps Lock pressed too frequently.
  • T and M6 commands not used to work if found in a single G-Code line.
  • Opening and closing door used to result in random axis movement.
  • Spindle output signals had the logic inverted.
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