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MASSO Software Update – v3.34 (with Wi-Fi)

Release date: 16th July 2017


IMPORTANT: If you are updating the MASSO software from any version below version 3.33 then PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST


Whats New:

Wi-Fi connectivity, connect to MASSO via your wireless network to monitor machine status, job status and get tool information from MASSO on a Windows computer using MASSO Link software, please see this link for more info: https://masso.com.au/docs/masso-cnc-controller-documentation/wifi-connectivity/

Option to home the machine using homing options such as Teknic ClearPath hard stop homing. Simply setup your Teknic ClearPath for hard stop homing, home your motors by issuing enable command and ones the motors home, press CTRL+ALT+HOME to set the controller current position to the homing position set in the homing setup window in F1-Setup screen. Please note to uncheck the axis for homing sequence in the homing setup window, this way MASSO will know that the axis in not required to be homed by MASSO homing sensor input and will assign the home position to the axis.


  • Improvements and bug fixes for 4th & 5th axis when used as slave.
  • Auto tool zero bug fix where a longer tool sometimes did not calibrate properly.
  • Send USB and other system log data via Wi-Fi connection to PC to be able to troubleshoot system issues.
  • If A or B axis is slaved then the buttons from the jog screen are automatically removed.
  • Better soft limit alarm logic as some gcodes used to cause false alarms.


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