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Alliant rebuild

Hello all. Machinist for 30 years. Reworking a 1985 Alliant Mill with Analiam Crusader 2 control. I have added  Masso control and Clearpath motors. Machine is a clone of a Bridgeport mill.

Hi @alliant

Welcome aboard.  Sounds like you have a nice machine setup. I believe John lambert has a similar setup on his Bridgeport mill.  You can see his mill on his YouTube channel.  Can you upload a few photos of your mill so we can see what it looks like?  The guys here like to help each other out and sort out any issues you run into if you end up needing help.

Cheers, Stephen Brown

Welcome to the community. Love my Bridgeport to much i would hate to convert or change anything about it 🙂 it's what i learned on in my early years. all around good machines and versitile if you know them well 🙂