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Backlash Compensation


Currently, the backlash compensation input is greyed out.  After looking at the documentation for backlash compensation I cannot find any settings that seem to open it back up.  What am I missing?


Thanks in advance!


it was disabled a while ago but I do think if you contact support they have a test version that has not been released yet if you need the backlash comp right now. i'm pretty sure I have seen mention of the test version in other conversations here. so I would shoot support a message in regards to the test version with the backlash comp. and see where you end up.

@machinedude is correct and please email your controller serial number to support and we will email you a pre-release copy of the software.

I first e-mailed support 10 days ago requesting this Alpha code with backlash compensation.  The documentation does not mention that the backlash compensation is in alpha test which seems misleading.  I would have gotten the Alpha code before installing if I knew that was the case.  What can I do to receive the code with backlash compensation?  Also requesting the code that is configured for the tool changer which I posted about over on the tool changer topic.