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Duplomatic bsn-v 160 tool changer

Dear Masso, I am loving the set up so far, no computers and a all in 1 system that can do everything I need.


I am having a little bit of a problem with my tool changer. I need at least a lock after the motor runs in the opposite position.

How can I build a macro or a program that locks after the 400ms reverse command.

If I could program the entire sequence that would be great but could make it work with less and making it change tools in one direction only is also fine but it still need to change direction for it to lock.

Attached you will see pictures and files of this tool system.

Thanks in advance for making Masso available to us and for your help.


Uploaded files:

are you using this setup with your machine:

In the above setup the logic makes Tool Changer – Output 2 high for 1000ms to turn the tool changer counterclockwise for locking.

Yes, I am using this set up, but after the motor turns in the opposite direction and the turret locks,  if the motor brake itself is not actuated, the motor unwinds back and unlocks the turret. That's why I need a lock after the counterclockwise lock.

In other words, my turret is unlocking in a matter of seconds after the lock and therefore the tool selected is unusable.

Any thoughts or solutions?


in that case, can you simply wire another relay to the brake and set the relay up in a way the if either of the CW and CCW relays are ON then the brake is disengaged?

If you want we can add another output in the MASSO logic to control the brake relay, will you require any other changes to get the tool changer working or just the brake is enough?