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Let’s get rid of the Conversational/Wizard Mann to make space
Hell Yes!!!......I don’t need training wheels
Hell No!!!!.....I’m new to CNC and need my training wheels

I think. 14-0 result so far should be a clear message to Masso

That We do not need or want the Conversational / Wizards

please vote

I voted yes but I kind of regret it. Not because I realised that Conversational/Wizards is needed but because I think the alternatives is not very well formed. They are practically telling anyone wanting the features is dumb.

Maybe it was thought to be less formal and stiff but I think it just ends up with a less valid result.

G'day Jolbas. There is nothing wrong with using wizards.  I did for a number of years with mach3.

The masso wizards are not as easy to use and l had to get more involved with alternative programs.  This is unfortunate because wizards in my opinion where easier.