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Hi all ,my name is Dave, just a quick intro heres a link to some of my work done on both laser and cnc

I have a cnc step hi z 720 that i am converting to use the masso controller via a hiez zero 3 controller I may have to find someone to help with the wiring advice as my machine runs double steppers on one of the axis,s I cant wait to set up the masso .


Welcome aboard Masso Dave. That's a pretty nice machine that CNC Step High Z 720, I hadn't heard of it before. Dual steppers are straightforward with many Masso people using them, I also run them on my hobby machine a Shapeoko 3XL. I am sure you will get plenty of help in this Forum from both Masso and the multitude of users. By the way, I am envious of the work you are producing, thanks for sharing.

really great work @bluesman and thanks for sharing your work.

please let us know your questions and will be glad to help.

Hi , thanks for the reply,s i was just looking at the operators manual for my cnc machine and saw that rapid operating speed is 200 mm per second normal operating speed is 133 per second position ing or traversing speed is 30 mm per second . I have never used it any were near those speeds . I guess if you were manufacturing something those sorts of speeds would equate to higher outputs .