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Kyndill THC connection to Masso Controller

Hi Masso  User Group,

I need help or confirmation on wiring my  Kyndill Automatic Torch Height Controller (ATHC) to the Masso controller.  The Kyndill THC requirement calls for a plasma start output relay that can be used to initiate the cutting sequence. A normally open contact rated at 1 amp that closes at the start of cut sequence.  My question: Do assign an Output  "Plasma on/off Signal" with the "Status" set to Low, with the assigned output connected to the negative on THC and the positive connected to the Masso 12v power supply? Please see the attached picture.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Weldpay

Configure the Plasma On/Off to one of the relay outputs. Connect a suitable relay to the output and then use the relay contacts to connect to the THC.

Have a look at the Hypertherm page and just choose either the No or NC contacts of the relay, whichever suits your THC.

Please do not connect the THC direct to Masso. It will damage it.

Hope this helps