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MPG not working

The MPG is not working on any of the axis the input screen seems to be correct as x,y,z are low and the resolution show low except for resolution 1 has YES instead of No see photo.

at the bottom of the screen it says MPG off, how can I fix this?

the E stop is working.


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Hi Phil

There is no on / off for the MPG as such.

The MPG axis off indicates that the axis selection switch is in the off position. As you turn axis selection switch it will change to X, Y, Z ,A & B

Until you have an axis selected it will not move.

Also looking at the F1 screen when an MPG is plugged in the minimum you should have showing is one of the 3 resolution inputs should be high depending on which one is selected.

This makes me think you are missing the +ve supply voltage to your pendant because it is the common part of the resolution and axis selection. Pin 1 of the MPG DB 15 socket.

Also the pendant has an led on it to let you know it is powered. Is that lit up on your pendant? I'm assuming yours has one.

You should also be able to measure Masso power supply voltage between pin 1 of the DB15 and the metal surround of the socket which is the -ve.

See the circuit diagram below

Hope this helps



thanks, I will check that in the morning

Quote from whitmensshed on June 11, 2019, 5:38 am

thanks, I will check that in the morning

What pendant do you have and where did you get it?

Hi Whitmensshed,

Just wondering how you got on with the pendant and also reread your original post and spotted  a comment I missed when i originally read it first time. (Half read it)

You mentioned the Resolution 1 invert is set to yes and I missed it. It should be set to no like the others unless you are using a non standard pendant. Just highlight the Resolution1 input and press the spacebar to change it back to no.

I did invert mine but it didn't seem to stop it from working at all so I don't think that the inverted input is your issue.