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Pacific lathe conversion

hi there, I have an old Pacific lathe that I would like to upgrade to have a cnc cross and long control. I have attached some photos of my machine and would appreciate any feedback on how I could retro fit cnc controls to it

cheers H

Uploaded files:
  • EB4993E5-A5DB-42CF-9BD1-DC92CBFB32E8.jpeg
  • BCAFA38D-F3CA-4554-8D40-C5BD6B9C7188.jpeg
  • D24D34A2-DA94-4CFE-8865-8AB3B3BD2639.jpeg
  • 2DF173F9-EB95-48FB-8B1B-BC39969DDE18.jpeg

Hi H,

I'm mid way through my lathe build. I have just put up a heap of photos that might give you some ideas on how to tackle you build.

Check it out -