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I have uploaded an image of the masso wiring diagram that I have completed.
I believe the drivers to the masso are correct, if I am wrong please correct me...I am not an a pro.
also I am asking how I should connect the e-stop to the power supply, and the limit switches connections on the Masso? I an very confused... sorry.

could you draw me out something that would show me the correct way like I drew for you. I am a visual person.
If you could help me I would be very appreciative.. Thank you.

Hi Me GOK again.
based upon the drawing you have in documentation. it shows the power supply going to the e-stop and then on to pin number 2 e-stop. i just don't understand what i should do with the other not used power input pin on the masso. I also don't understand exactly how the limit switch wire to the power input is to be connected to the e-stop...sorry about my ignorance.

I only have the one e-stop at the moment however I will purchase one from you when I have a little more cash.

As it is wired up now, the e-stop does cut the power to the masso, But I think this not the complete or correct method.
this is why I asked for a drawing like mine. I know it is a pain. I am truly electronically uneducated.
the attached image is the actual e-stop I am using "lay7(PBCY090)lay37 e-stop"

you have been very supportive in all my questions. thank you so much!


when i said that

"I only have the one e-stop at the moment however I will purchase one from you when I have a little more cash."

I meant to say that I would buy a pendent from you not a e-stop

  1. The power to the controller is fed from the power connector on the right side of the controller.
  2. Connecting +ve of the power supply via the estop button is just used to give the estop signal and its not powering the controller.

Thank for getting back to me so quickly friend 🙂

So The way i have the e-stop connected is correct? I should connect another wire "+ve" from the power supply via the e-stop button as in the new image I have attached?

I am not sure if I have the limit switches and the stepper drivers wired correctly. How should I reconnect them if they are not correct?

thank you very much for your support friend.
much appreciated.

George "GOK"

Some small issues with the wiring, please see below:

  1. You need to connect the +ve from the power supply directly to MASSO+ve connector for power input, you have it through the estop and that is wrong.
  2. Next wire the +ve from the power supply through the estop to the estop connector Pin: 2
  3. Homing/limit switch wiring is ok.
  4. Motor drive wiring is perfect.

thank you brother.
I will try asap...

thanks for you help! fingers crossed.


I wire a lot of controllers
what I would suggest
all limit switches use NC take a pos wire from the power supply connect to a fuse or breaker low amps like 1amp
then wire that power to each limit switch. connect each limit switch to its proper input of your choice set it up in the controller.
do the same for your estop use NC. estop does not wire to the limit switches.
add more estop put them in series .
the reason for NC is if you have a problem it will show right away .
and the fuse powering the switches if a wire shorts the fuse will protect the output of the supply.
I use 24 volts for every thing. I install a buss off the power supply protected buy a fuse or breaker
that buss is used to power the limit switches and estop and anything else needing input power.
I run a single wire to the controller to the supply for controller power.
if it is plasma I use a separate supply for the THC to insure torch voltage no getting to the controller supply.
I use the small din rail power supply I like the mean well MDR 100-24 its 4 amp its works well for controller power and it has voltage adjustment
hope this helps

Thank you jcoldon 🙂
it makes sense.
I will get another power supply and give it a try. I will keep you updated.

Hi jcoldon
thanks for helping me out.
I just put together a sketch of what I believe you were saying minus the blade buss'. Is my new attachment what You were speaking to?

Thanks again.

George GOK