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Proma 150 VS Price THC

I am trying to figure out my best option for a thc and from what I have read in the forums it’s a mess. Could any of you recommend a thc or if price thc is a better alternative to proma 150?

- Andy

I use the Proma 150 and it works great.

The problem that we all had was the Masso controller needed a bug fix, now that this has been done all is OK!

Masso has spent a lot of time with me on Skype to get it right and I think they have nailed it!

In my thought the Masso and Proma 150 are a good solid working unit. (simple to setup the THC as well)

Have a look at my videos in the forum or on "YouTube if you search my name Ross Woolley "

Good luck and some of the other users will comment soon.

From Ross.


I am leaning towards the PRICE unit as it allows the control module to be at the console.  Put PRICE into the search tab as it has been covered before.

Here is yet another option (my console pics are on pg 3 here)

Thanks for the quick responses guys, just needed that bit of reassurance before buying, thanks a mill!