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SheetCam post processor, with working THC codes! (FIXED)

I have noticed a few members having plasma post processor problems.

The Masso one that I edited has the THC "ON OFF" values added to it and is working correctly.

It allows the THC to turn on and off when needed at the (start of cutting), (during cutting) plus at the (end of the cut).

Allowing the Z axis to go to safe rapids height between cuts.

In SheetCam you will have to edit the post processor to suit your Z axis travel limits of your machine.

I have also add to the M667 F150 this changes the feed rate of the Z axis while the THC is active, (THIS IS A HAPPY SPEED FOR THE THC) You can change this to your own likening, This is set in millimeters cause I use metric (not sure about imperial though) 

I have posted this before on the forum and it includes photos as well.

Here is the postscript again.

from Ross.


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