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Slave motor on axis allowed to jog under drive fault

Im currently setting up a dual motor machine I have the Y and B axis slaved together and during testing I noticed that if I cause one of the slaved axis to fault while jogging manually it shows the correct axis drive alarm on screen but the other slaved axis is still allowed to move causing the gantry to rack.


Surely if one of the slaved motors has a fault alarm the other should not be allowed to be jogged

can you please share the MASSO settings file and we will do some tests today

@tekmobile can you provide some more info, so does this happen if you hit B axis limit and JOG the Y axis or if you hit the Y axis limit and then JOG the Y axis? or in both cases?

All im doing is pulling the encoder feedback cable out of the drive and just manually jogging to cause a drive to fault which happens as expected and shows a drive fault error on screen but the other slaved axis in my case Y or B is still allowed to jog.

I wont get a chance to do anything now until the weekend

thanks and will do some tests, if needed will update the logic.

thanks for bringing this to our notice.

@tekmobile we did some tests on this and it works as expected, I think it does get a bit confusing as when there is an alarm the machine is stopped if running any gcode and alarm displayed on the screen. So at this stage the controller will still allow moving any axis as in some cases the machine might be stuck and the axis needs to be moved. So if an alarm comes, always check what caused it and only if required then jog the axis.