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System crash

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my repair job, see I'm more than just a pretty face! Ha Ha!

Stephen I think it would be better for you to come over to my place, then you can see the fire stick working first hand!

Ah what the heck, all of you can come over and we can have a soldering party.

Ok on the serious side I have the made 6 vertical lines 90mm long as a g-code and it would only cut one or two lines then stop.

still chasing electrical noise but was totally stumped I did all the things Patrick and others said, have no idea now how to fix this!

Thinking the only place left for this problem will be the plasma torch lead runs in the same drag chain and route as the other wiring so I pulled it out and just laid it on top of the table away from all the other wiring.

"Boom shakalaka" it cut the 6 lines and I think my electrical noise problems are over now.

Only thing now to figure out is the cut feeds and speeds (too much dross) plus the Proma, it either rides to high or crashes into the job.

With that, I think this is the end of this post now,

So thank you to everyone for your help.

From Ross.



That's good news @ross hopefully the real problems have been solved. Top marks to you Ross for your persistence.

I think the real problem is that Masso (and almost all other electronic control devices) operate with 5 Volts internally and the difference between a '0' and a '1' is about 2.4 Volts. This doesn't allow much of a noise threshold when adjacent parallel run cables carry many amps current at fairly high voltages. Something to ponder!


great stuff @ross, so what motor drives are you using and how have you wired them?

Quote from MASSO Support on January 10, 2019, 11:05 pm

great stuff @ross, so what motor drives are you using and how have you wired them?

I am using Chinese Nema 34 hybrid stepper servo 2hss86h for Y & X, and a Nema 23 on Z.

Y axis runs 2 drivers from the Masso and each have their own power supply.

Here are some photos I took today for you to look at.

  1. Y slaving
  2. Bottom box with drivers
  3.  Top box for Masso
  4. Showing magnets to hold control panel
  5. Brackets to hold monitor in box frame.

A picture says a thousand words, "Five photos that equals Five thousand words if my math's are correct."

From Ross.

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