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Umbrella Tool Changer

we will start working on the logic @ethan-downey

what's your controller serial number so that we can start sending test softwares.

@ethan-downey can you share a video of the tools rotating and then stopping, would like to see the reaction of the tool changer mechanics.

Hi  @masso-support

My Serial No. 5A-1974

I will take a video when i get home this afternoon. Would you like to see the reaction with it tools? Or without? Or both?

This is getting exciting! Haha.


Thank you very much!

Hi  @masso-support

I have attached 2 videos. One video with 10 tool holders and one video without. It doesn't really over run much at all.

There are 2 videos in that link.

@masso-support Would it be possible to setup a push button input to allow for a manual tool change? This will be useful for tools that dont fit the carousel.

Currently the solenoid valve for the power drawbar is wired upto my Masso via an external relay.

Can i wire up a button as a input to activate the output for this solenoid valve even though it has already been assigned to? Or should i just set it up to bypass the relay that controls this solenoid valve?



@ethan-downey thanks for the video and the reaction time looks great, will be working on the logic soon.

Chuck Clamp/Unclamp Input is available on the MASSO, please see this:

Thanks @masso-support, That was perfect! It all works great!

Keen to see the tool change going! 😀

This is the machines first dry run as of today.

I posted this here since I figured it was pertinent to this subject.

Is there a way to get info out of the masso concerning the actual tool and its offset? In the event i would like to have a independent module attached to my machine to control air blast angle towards tool tip...

@3dlow right now there is no option like this


Is this something that "can" be implemented with the actual board hardware or?