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Umbrella Tool Changer

@3dlow it can be implemented but all depends on how many people request a feature because it takes a lot of resources to add a feature.

@ethan-downey we have been trying to take out time to work on the logic but have been super busy with a few machine manufacturers who are releasing machines with MASSO. So just thought to let you know that we haven't forgotten about this and will work on the logic soon, sorry for the delay.

@masso-support, Thanks for the update. Thats all ok. I look forward to hearing from your guys when your ready.

@ethan-downey we have emailed you the software with new logic, please try it on your machine.

Documentation page for Umbrella Tool Changer can be found here:

Just looking over the logic you have there , most machines use a M19 to index the spindle after M05 this aligns the drive keys on the tool holder with the spindle and tool changer fingers

M10/M11 are standard as chuck clamp unclamp for lathes , M25 / M26 are standard tool clamp commands for mills and the M10 / M11 are used for rotary table clamping on mills

is your logic bidirectional for shortest distance to next tool

it would be nice if in the beginning of the tool change cycle the logic checked to see if the tool called is in the spindle already and then just skip the tool change and continue , some times

the last tool called in a program winds up being the first tool in the next program and you don't want it to error out

Great project, thanks for sharing it. No doubt inspiring others to invent.