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Umbrella Tool Changer

@masso-support @jonunder

why not make the tool slot default at start up user selectable if possible. That way it will satisfy almost everyone I would think.



instead of homing to slot 1 maybe home to slot 20. This way all of the tools are the correct number and slot except tool,20 which would now be tool 0.


@evermech  We may investigate moving the homing sensor, but it would be a day or two to change it and then troubleshooting, problems, etc.  This is a production machine so downtime is unfavorable.  For now, we only have to fake it out on startup and after that, the tool changer works just fine.  We hardly ever power down the system so this isn't much of a problem, but I figured other customers may run into this in the future.

We effectively have our system configured the way you described it.  The home position is actually Tool 2, but we have configured our tool/slot positions around this.  We may just start treating tool 20 as tool 0 to simplify this, but I wanted to bring it up with MASSO and see their thoughts.

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share a link to a cool option for those interested in adding an umbrella tool changer to their small milling machine.  Check out this YouTube Video showing a turn key kit.

Cheers, Stephen Brown


Quote from jonunder on September 18, 2019, 5:55 pm

Yea, this wasn't the first (or the last) time we've crashed into the tool changer so we had the parts and it was a quick fix!  We have been running parts and so far no other tool changer issues have come up other than the crash when we forgot the M05.

Here is the promised video of the tool changer and some of the machining!  Most of the feeds are set to 5ipm because that's all the previous controller could handle, but we are slowly increasing them, just a few operations at a time.  The part is a vacuum tank for our system and this is the second one we are machining since the upgrade!

we have emailed you a test software that automatically issues M5 command on tool change even if its not issued before tool change, please try and provide your feedback.