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WiFi connection problem



I have problem with WiFi, my MASSO will not connect to any wireless network. I try two different modules one of them is "Version  1 2016 20:04:45)". Have any of you the same problem?

I also try with "My MASSO Network". MASSO create network but with wrong SSID and without password. SSID is "AI-Thinker-*****".


How can I fix that?

are you using in static or dynamic IP address mode?

can you share a screen shot of the error you see on the screen.

I try static or dynamic mode.

I don't see any error only "Connecting..."

ok, please share a photo of the the wifi window on MASSO

Photos of MASSO WiFi window and wrong network name when in "My MASSO Network" mode.

Uploaded files:
  • IMG_20181206_220751.jpg
  • IMG_20181206_220807.jpg
  • IMG_20181206_220824.jpg

Is possible to "factory reset" or erase everything on MASSO? How?

There is no need to reset the MASSO settings.

We have the exact same wifi module version and tried to make Leutgeb_NET and it worked, as we dont know whats your Security key, ours is 12 characters long, can you please try a 12 character key?

I have fix my problem. I don't know why bit when I check "Show" MASSO show me correct password but when I uncheck it number of stars didn't match my password lenght. So I delete all stars and type password again. Now it works!

I think you might have been typing a longer password then what MASSO can take and the extra characters might have been causing the issue.

My WiFi password is 9 characters long and when I check "Show" MASSO show it correctly. Only when I uncheck "Show" number of stars didn't match my password length.