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Z axis design for PLASMA (Torch Height Control) THC control

Discussion about mechanical and electrical design requirments when using THC (Torch Height Control)  with MASSO.

As MASSO controls the Z axis movement directly when in THC mode, the axis can be used in combination of both gcode and THC logic.

At this stage we support THC with torch UP, DOWN commands through external units such as PROMA-150 but we are also working on our own D-THC design module that will sit next to the plasma and plug back into MASSO with the below features:

  1. Self powered unit from MASSO's power supply requiring no external power source.
  2. Fully optically isolate unit for electrical noise protection and isolation.
  3. Input for ARC OK signal.
  4. Relay output to start/stop plasma arc.
  5. Arc voltage input from plasma 1:50 voltage divider.
  6. Status LED's.
  7. To be able to set the required THC height via gcode using gcode S command.
  8. Real-time height override option via MASSO screen.

What is the current estimated release time for the Masso integrated module

Actually THC has been on a low priority due to so much other working going on with controllers, so at this stage there is no set date, sorry.

When I was recently rebuilding the 19 year old cnc plasma, now with the Masso controller.

I ordered a Price THC as a backup if I couldn't get the spare Technogon THC operating.

In bench testing it seemed to work, then all of a sudden, it shut down.

Doesn't read anything now.

(now to send it back to them for repairs)

No doubt the Price is a good unit, just something didn't stack up.

Now using a self built unit in stand alone mode.

I'm really interested to see if an integrated unit can be offered with the Masso.

Life is not the same without the Technogon unit.



Yes that is the plan, we were working on a THC module that can be plugged to MASSO for this but are so busy with the sales and support that its been put on hold.

any word on when thc will be available with masso?


I myself will probably buy one.

It will have to handle raw voltage to suit my machine  (plus Jim Colt from Hypertherm states raw voltage is a better way to go than 50 to 1 divider)

Maybe we need a numbers count for those who want one, just so Masso can understand how important this is! 

From Ross.

I also want this if available

the problem is not the proma or the up down inputs . the controller does not simply have the controls on the screen to control plasma THC.and never will till masso addes them

right now I ben talking to an oem plasma table builder .he cant make the thc work right ready to trash the masso for an ESS or vitalsystems ..

and ross raw voltage is a big no no.  you did not hear that from jim colt . every hypertherm has a voltage devider  in the plasma unit .raw voltage will caus interfierance ..

cheap china units like the everlast don't have devider .