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Z axis design for PLASMA (Torch Height Control) THC control

Once the MASSO THC is vetted, Count me in! I also like the idea of some on screen adjustments.

cncburn, did you get your machine to cut with the thc properly!

Mine won't and I have exhausted all options now!

From Ross.

Ross it not the controller the controller runs fine .. what masso did was take the mill features and add plasma . not being plasma guys they thaught the THC would

be simple  so they lacked the controls to control it on screen and in the program .  THC voltages change with velocity slow down . circles steel warppage

and many other reasons .  masso has no way to over look a voltage change . no anti dive feature and other things like mach has and onter controller builders

if you looking to get a good plasma controller . I sugest a vital systems hicon mini swift cut uses them . thers an ESS warp 9 with there TMC3 THC  these are the only

mach 4 plasma controllers that THC works well .. you can down load mach4 free demo there plasma screen and see the settings the used on the screen  I sugest masso to do the same add that to there controller for plasma ..

another route is a uccnc controller and software and run a nuron thc unit this is a very good many oem use nuron  and you have command cnc Linux

if your looking for a ohmic unit  check Robot 3t

lots of us plasma guys share information on face book  the cnc plasma good bad ugly . cnc plasma table builders

I been do plasma table designes for several years now I tried lots of controllers and motor . I build gear reduction units .Z axcess and every other part hear a pic of a build with a Z axis

I realy have heigh hopes masso can build a good plasma controller . like I said it does run.. a little slow loading large codes compaired to a pc based unit .. it just the thc part that not up to par .

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  • 4x4-z-axis.jpg

Jcoldon, My problem is the Masso cost me over a $1000 dollars (cost of unit, postage and the heavy tax in Thailand) Masso sells a unit stating they sell a unit suited for plasma and is can't handle a simple THC.

My wife works 3 jobs and is the sole provider in our family and you know what wagers are like in a third world country, what you make in a day takes us nearly a month! This is to get an understanding how much this has cost us.

If they fix the problem I am happy, but if they can't I am looking at a new controller from a different company, How am I going to say to the wife give me another $1000 or more to replace the Masso cause it won't do the job it was bent for. Yer divorce papers that's what I will get.

That is were I am now, A plasma table that can't be used and a wife that is nagging me to get this thing working cause it has taken to long.

If Masso doesn't fix the problem they can ask my wife "Hay give Ross a $1000 to buy a different controller so he can get the cnc table working" cause I'm not brave enough for that.

And this is were I am at now!

From Ross.


@ross firstly sorry, just saw the messages now, all our forum notifications for some reason started going into spam folders and we missed all notifications.

I can totally understand your frustration and we are happy to help you on skype or something direct to find/fix the issue, for this we need quick communication and this will help you get the machine running on priority. Also, be assured that we will do our best to get your machine running on priority and if we cant then will issue you a full refund on the unit.

please email on support your skype ID and a time that works for you and will start working on this from today only.

For all out there, Masso is not the sole achiever for your dreams.

Something like this comes around very rarely.

It is actually a good quality product, you just got to know how to work it for your advantage.

I've been working the Masso 5 axis controller since May last year.

As it didn't seem to work with up / down signals from the voltage divider.

I substituted the Z axis to another self supported, so in reality a 4th axis was created.

I can use the Z axis in 3D with X and Y and the 4th axis, standalone supported corrects any irregularities in the cutting process.

After nearly 23 years trying to get what I want, your input for your desired result is what is needed.

It didn't accept my own build of a THC, but neither did many other controllers I tried.

My THC is designed around an up / down read of 0.03 volts of the divided voltage from the Cebora Prof 122 machine.

The 0.03 volt is equivalent to 0.3 mm of travel between the up / down signals.

This THC was specifically designed for fine 3D TIG welding but found it worked in Plasma for my application.

Such a great cut with the smoothness of The Masso.

All technology has to worked to suit your application, this actually takes a lot of work.





Would you care to go a little further into the details of your THC set-up?

Thanks Man.

In response to SegoMan DeSigns.

Below is a link to build your own THC, this works apparently with Mack3 software.

By Art Fenerty.

Hobby metalwork, CNC Plasma cutting, tools and a Kit Car

My photos shown is what I have able to do with it, the best thing is that it describes how to set up a comparator board to recognise the voltage divider that is selected.
It even shows how to build a divider board to suit the cutting voltage of your Plasma machine.
Don't get me wrong, it takes a lot of time to get your head around this.
After many trials, I have found the solution for both Plasma and Tig welding.
At this stage until I purchase another 5 axis Masso to play with, then I will know seriously if I can work the Masso completely.
For now I achieve perfect cutting with working in stand alone mode.
Price THC, THC3T-02, and a few others should be able to do it in this way.
Photo shown is what I have to do to develop what I actually need.
It all started with the second photo, some type of voltage comparator.


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Now just to let you know what you have to in this world.

Masso has delivered a great product.

This is what I

have had to go through to get what I want.

Two videos shown.

The photo is of a silent motion drive, more smoother than gears.

Seems as though I can't up load a video.

So I will put up a silent motion drive done 6 years ago.

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  • IMG_6535.JPG

Seeing as how videos can't be uploaded.

Just a photo of things working.

This thing about videos to big has got to be changed.

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