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Z axis design for PLASMA (Torch Height Control) THC control

Thanks SegoMan DeSigns.

What a lot you have put into that.

I bet it was a challenge.

Hope it all is good for yourself as it has been for myself.

It is obvious that the time spent will benefit your out come.

I know my systems works but really not wanting to go into production just yet.

Even though it has become simple enough for myself after working with it for 18 months.

Maybe not for others.

It has certain paths to follow in application.

The Masso control opens up so many possibility's.

Cheers, like your endeavour.



Alright, if you are going to play with this stuff.

Get yourself one of these, a 0 to 200vdc variable voltage source.

It will save a lot failures.

This one is HSPY-200-01.

It will allow you to test your own divider board or any bought THC and able to set up it up before contact with the real purpose, then be able to set the values recorded by the voltage after running the Plasma you have at the good cutting height.

I'm only saying this because if I had it before, it would have saved me some grief.




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Your on this project like hair on a gorilla!. What is your .02 cents on a combination of ohmic / voltage system? JD2 has this on their systems, ohmic and treated water don't play well together but you could have the best of both. I am awaiting a window of good weather to tear down and paint, then mount electronics. This shows my CAD (Carboard Aided Design) modeling and some of the electrical

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SegoMan DeSigns.

Ha ha, never seen a bald gorilla.

Know nothing about ohmic yet, too much other stuff to look at.

I'm happy with the floating head.

I get back into this after hours, really look forward to it.

Today after I finished a reproduction Model A rear cross member, I finished the drawings and routered out the face panel for the dual comparator control.

Plus not shown, the main mounting panel that fits internally to the grey enclosure that will be a nightmare to wire.

Photo shows 2 enclosures above, both work in Plasma and Tig mode.

Just trying to fit both in the one unit.

And then have it work.

Hope the weather changes for you soon, need to see it operating.



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Told you I would try and do this.

Now putting things into the facia panel.

Machined up 4 sets of press buttons for the 2 axis stepper pulser board that works with the divided voltage from either Plasma or Tig.

After a few more things come from around the world and fit.

The arduous task of wiring it will begin.



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What is the total $ amt for this project of yours going to be? Do you do any reduction on the Z axis or direct drive? I'm still watching this thread but I don't have a lot of free time  in between paint fumes to post up responses.

Thanks for the share!

SegoMan DeSigns, I would hate to add up the total cost over the years on this project.

The Z axis direct drive, the standalone axis is also direct drive.

The Z is 6mm per rotation, same for the standalone.

The Z uses a small Nema 23, standalone uses a Nema 17.

Just received some small 4 amp drivers, to play with.

Photos below, of the drivers.

The 3 comparator controls have now been setup, they will measure the read voltage of within 0.03 vdc up / down with the THC.

I use Masso on my own CNC Plasma, just trying other units.

Masso at the moment wins hands down.

But  I really need something that is truly standalone.

No PC, no PC screen, no extra keyboard, no mouse, just  got to be mountable.


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What I have been working with as a comparator for the THC has got better.

Now got delivered the new version of the board.

It has gone maybe fully digital except for the relays.

It still records the set transfer vdc at around 0.03 between up and down motion.


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I too would like a THC from Masso . I am not too smart at all this CNC  stuff I just want to get back to cutting metal and the closer to plug and play the better .

Looks like the Masso is the easiest to work out, thumbs up.