1.Getting Started

1.1.Loading and Updating Software on MASSO

1.2.User & Admin Passwords


1.3.Battery Backup Alarm

1.4.MASSO Graphical Interface

1.5.Door Sensor Input & Alarm

1.6.Assigning Inputs and Outputs

1.7.The Different Types of Alarms

1.8.How to Setup Homing

1.9.Understanding Tool Change Command

1.10.Setting Time

1.11.How To Set Up and Use Auto Tool Zero (Tool Length Calibration)

1.12.Installing Vectric Post Processor


1.13.BobCAD-CAM POST Processor for MASSO

2.Learn With Peter (CNCNutz)

Peter Passuello is a passionate CNC’er who loves making CNC machines and produces great CNC related video content.

2.1.Which Masso do I need?

2.2.How to Identify your Axis

2.3.Masso Coordinate system

2.4.My axis moves in one direction only

2.5.How to connect the Pendant Estop on Masso

2.6.Resume Program / Jump To Line

2.7.Install Post Processors for Vectric Software

2.8.Probing with Masso

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