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ALARM - Y Motor Alarm

Hello, On the initial setup of my Optimum BF46 Milling machine, I stupidly managed to snag and damage the cable going to the Y Axis Servo Motor (Clearpath SDSK-3421S-ELS) and the Masso Came up with "ALARM - Y Motor Alarm". I replaced the entire cable and Plugs and the Masso Came up with "ALARM - Y Motor Alarm" again. The Y Axis Servo Motor Auto tunes (through Clearpath Software) without a problem. I swapped the Servo Motor from the Z Axis to the Y Axis and still the same problem "ALARM - Y Motor Alarm". The only thing I can think of is that I might have damaged the Masso. I might need to send it back to Masso for a check up.

Any Ideas out there. I could really use the help.