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AR3 Robot as a Tool and Pallet Changer

Hi Guys,

I finally settled on a new tool changer design that is a little different than most.  I found a cool open source 6 axis Robotic Arm called AR3 which was developed by Robotics Engineer named Chris Anin. After reviewing the robots controls and inputs I think it will do the trick.   I plan to control the robot through my Masso Controller using custom G-Code that will allow the robot to function as both a Tool Changer and Part Loading device.  The robot arm comes with software that allows you to develop programs by repositioning the arm and teaching the motion requirements.  I just received the robot hardware kit and started 3d printing the plastic parts this week.  I plan to machine the frame on my Milling machine to save on build cost.  There will be some build videos on my YouTube channel and on Instagram as I go along.  Should be fun  project over the holiday break.

Cheers, Stephen Brown

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Hi @testyourdesign

Im curious about the size of the robot, and do you think that I could scale it up to a larger size?



I am not a robotics expert but I think scaling it up may cause stability issues. This one has a 600mm reach and can support 2.3kg at full speed.

Take as look at the latest speed test video for comments from Chris along those lines.

Cheers Stephen Brown


Hi Guys,

Here's a little update on my progress.  I made a whole bunch of 3d printed parts for the AR3 Robot and received the motors and electrical components.  I only have a couple of parts left to 3d print so I will be moving over to my mill to machine the aluminum parts over the holidays.  I've been thinking of how to interface it with my Masso controller and figure it will need to be a custom tool change call using subroutines with M62 outputs to the Arduino inputs.  Those inputs will allow the Robot to run programmed routines and provide outputs to the Masso when it is done.

Here is an update video from Chris Annin showing the speed of the Robot.

Cheers, Stephen Brown


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Thats pretty nice looking. What's the platform size on your printer? Mine is 310mm square X 410mm high, just wondering if I can print those parts