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Fuling DZB200 Inverter (VFD)

Sorry, i'm a little bit confused, because this is wiring diagram you sent me.....


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  • Cap.JPG

as per your questions in the email, are you talking about the small switch marked PNP/NPN ?


Yes, and also the VI, CI, V, I switches????

yes, please wire as per the below image.

Set the switch to AVI.

Leave the NPN/PNP switch as it is.


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  • vfd-wiring.jpg

Sorry, what do you mean by switching to "AVI"  ????

Currently the switches are set as per pic attached.


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thanks, the switch looks to be on V already, so no need to change.

Please try to run the VFD as per the last instructions.


Where do i find the "EN" on the VFD?  Also, in the parameters there is no mention of "EN"??



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  • Manual-02.JPG

mate we couldn't find anything in the user manual, they seem to be more excited about writing the blue elephant thing in the PDF than the actual information.

You will have to try all the S1 to S6 inputs one by one, sorry but this is the problem with these VFD's, the documentation is bad.


But i sent you the correct manual afterwords, did you not look at it?  Here, i'll attach it again.


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Sorry, but looking at this picture i've attached, is the "EV" perhaps the "EN".....????

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thank you but it's got the same data, you will have to try the inputs.