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Feed and Spindle Sliders On F2 Screen

Right now we only have the feed override on the F3 screen but we can't access that screen once we press cycle start.   This feature is useful on the F3 screen when you are manually machining by jogging. However, the slider is not as important in that case since you can easily use access that feature through the F11 and F12 keys or the MDI when manually jogging.   This feature would be more useful from F2 screen for adjusting the machine feed and speed overrides on the fly after pressing cycle start. This is also beneficial for users that have mini keyboards with only 10 F-Keys.

Would it be possible to add additional slider type adjusters on the F2 Screen for both the Feed and Spindle speed Overrides and have them function after cycle start has been initiated?

Thanks, Stephen Brown

AND also increase  the feed value up to 150%



@masso-support I agree with @remustgx that a feed and speed override function of +/- 50% from the Programs Feed Rate and Spindle Speed value on the F2 screen makes more sense when you are machining on the fly.  Otherwise we likely end up with broken tools and scrapped parts.  We definitely need this function added to Masso.

Thanks, Stephen Brown

it's in the development list and at this stage you can use the F11/F12 keys and then the - & + keys to do this.

yeah but for the feed is limited at 100% not 150%...

Thanks for your works!


how about a feed rate knob an input I can add a knob

If you have the MPG pendant, you are able to vary them if you press F11 to feed or F12 for spindle But you are able to vary them with the + and - from the key board.

If it's help you @jcoldon