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Setting Up Masso with Sherline Mill

Quote from MASSO Support on August 7, 2019, 3:43 am

Basically keep in mind that the machine axis movement is always in relation to the tool, so on your machine bed moving away means that the tool is coming towards Y 0.00

In case of a router, this is opposite as the bed stays at the same place and the Y moves.

I always get caught out on moving bed machines.

Used to using a router the where tool is moving.




What pins on your driver are marked step & direction?

Looking at MASSO documentation pins 1 & 2 connect to step & direction of the driver and pin3 is connected to the common of the driver.

In regards to the degrees per revolution value, how many revolutions does the stepper make for a complete revolution of the chuck?

Divide that value into 360 and enter the resultant figure into MASSO A axis setup. The number of steps per revolution has nothing to do with D/R setting.



@glenn as a test can you remove the X-axis step and dir wires from masso and wire the A-axis wires to X-axis, then try to move the X-axis and see if the A-axis moves.

Hi - attached here is the wiring detail  provided by Masso for the Sherline plug.

There is only one wire indicated for the A -Axis going to pin 20,

So we're going to need more detail if you want us to connect two wires as a test to the X axis as per your post.

Thanks to Breezy for pitching in too.

kind regards



Uploaded files:
  • Masso-Sherline-wiring.jpg

got the data from SHERLINE:

  • connect MASSO's A-axis Dir pin to DB connector pin 8
  • connect MASSO's A-axis Step pin to DB connector pin 9


A Axis is now moving thanks. We do have an issue when turning the Masso off.

The A-Axis moves 4 or 5 degrees at switch off and there is an unsatisfactory noise from the motor. The other Axes are ok, they don't move when switching off.

Should the A Axis GND still be connected as per your instructions above?



yes, A-axis GND need to be connected all the time to the stepper drive box.

If you just power off the drives then does the A-axis move? in most cases the stepper motors will move slightly when powered ON and OFF.

Hi - thanks for the reply. As you know ours is a Sherline Mill, so we are using (like Sherline themselves) their stepper driver board connected to the Masso. This means we can't power down the drives, only turn the Masso (and then the stepper driver board) off.

I'm also referring to Pin 20 from the Sherline stepper driver board being connected to A-Axis Ground, this is the only Axis that is grounded, the other axes have only two wires to each. Wiring pin details are in the middle of this post.

Also we're not talking about slight movements here - it's a good 5 - 10 degrees and then a further grating noise from the motor. The motor works fine in jog mode.

I know Masso is working closely with Sherline so this shouldn't present any problems.

I've attached the A-Axis settings screen as well in case that helps.

kind regards,


Uploaded files:
  • A-Axis-screenv3.JPG

can you please provide a video showing how you power off and what happens on the A axis.


Thanks for your email, we've worked out what was happening and fixed it.